Songs of Rights & Respecting

Music can always enhance learning, and these songs based on the principles underpinning the Rights Respecting Schools Award were composed specifically for this purpose.

The teachers at the Wallands Primary School here in Lewes, East Sussex, asked me if I would write some music for the children to sing, based on the content of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The teachers felt they had precious few songs that were both appropriate and ‘cool’ enough to enthuse the children. So, with my good friend and collaborator Tim Freeman, we set about writing a group of songs for use both in assemblies and in the classrooms.

Wallands School trialled the songs for several months with great success. The songs were enjoyed by children and teachers alike, and were performed with gusto at a number of different school events.

Tim and I are looking forward to writing more songs for this project and want to thank UNICEF UK's Rights Respecting Schools Award for inspiring us and offering to help us promote them

We hope you enjoy exploring our songs, and will license them for use in your school. Thanks for listening!

Paul Austin Kelly


Tim Freeman is now a primary school teacher but back in the day he was lead singer and songwriter for UK alternative pop band Frazier Chorus. Tim’s a family man now and, together with his wife and two daughters, has bought, fixed up and sold nearly half of the houses in Lewes, East Sussex where he lives.


Paul Austin Kelly is an American singer, composer and teacher who lives in Lewes, East Sussex. He runs Walking Oliver Music which creates and promotes cool music for children. He likes to play his trumpet and hear his dog Zeke sing along. In his spare time (of which he has entirely too much) he watches Scandinavian murder myteries.


Songs of Rights and Respecting can be streamed
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